Where do I pick up my LED Mask that I purchased?
At registration, you will receive your LED Mask. If we run out of the color you wanted, ask a friend to exchange it.
Do I need my ID & does my ticket need to be printed?
Yes, for your ID & no, stay green! We can scan it on your phone.
What should I wear?
Dressing to the theme is completely optional but highly encouraged!
Are we allowed to bring props as part of our Halloween Costume?
Yes, as long as they are plastic!
What if my friends haven't bought a ticket yet?
If you have friends that are procrastinators (like most of us) and haven't gotten a ticket yet, go ahead and send them the "Digital Bar List" to purchase tickets.
Do we have to follow the Digital Bar List?
Yes! The venues will only be honoring wristbands and offering specials during their time-slots found on the Digital Bar List.
What are your biggest recommendations
1. Go to early registration to pick up you and your friend's wristbands. 2. Get to the most popular bars early and stay longer. 3. Follow the bar time-slots on the Digital Bar List. 4. Move together with your group.
I bought tickets for all of my friends, does their name need to be on the ticket?
Nope! The number of tickets you have = the number of wristbands you will receive at registration!
Will there be long lines to get into the bars?
Yes. We are all about transparency. Please understand that each venue has capacity limitations and everyone will want to go to the most popular bars. You can either wait in a long line or head to the next bar on the Digital Bar List and have your friends meet you there! You can always revisit the bar at a later time. If there are long lines at some bars there will be little to no lines at other bars.
How do I know if I purchased tickets to the right Halloween Bar Crawl?
All tickets should have been purchased from BarCrawlLIVE.com or Eventbrite's Bar Crawl LIVE's ticketing page.
What if I can’t make it to registration on time?
Have a friend check you in! Once you arrive, your friend will have to meet you outside to give you your wristband! Security will check to make sure it is on correctly. Unfortunately, there are no exceptions.
Can we register our friends at registration?
Yes! Have them send you their digital ticket(s) & we will then provide you with their wristband(s).
Will there be early registration to pick up my wristband early?
Yes, we HIGHLY (without a question) recommend picking up you (and your friends') wristband early at early registration to avoid registration lines. Check the digital bar list for early registration information & details.