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Hoboken Bar Crawl

Where we go on a Hoboken Pub Crawl

310 Sinatra Dr

92 River St

221 Washington St

102 Sinatra Dr

32 Newark St

106 1st St

70 Hudson St

30 Newark St

120 Sinatra Dr

76 River St

80 River St

How Hoboken Bar Crawls Work

Bar crawls in Hoboken are like no other. Bar Crawl LIVE Hoboken is so close to NYC without the headache of going downtown! So if you haven’t checked the best bars in Hoboken NJ, now’s your chance to try out the most popular clubs in Hoboken. We’ve got something for everyone - a poppin’ sports bar to nightclubs that will have you dancing as you walk in the door. You’ll grab your wristband at the check-in bar and kick the day off by trying some fun themed drinks on special and getting buzzed up for the night. So get your Hoboken bar crawl tickets today!

Hoboken Bar Crawl FAQs

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