raleigh party goers pose during a bar crawl in raleigh

#These Bars are a Must-Visit on a Raleigh Bar Crawl

Ah, Raleigh! The city that bubbles with more than just craft beer. If you're gearing up for a Raleigh bar crawl, you're in for a treat that's tastier than a perfectly mixed Old Fashioned. This post is your golden ticket to navigating the "City of Oaks" nightlife. We're talking about the best bars in Raleigh, where every night feels like a Friday and every bar feels like a new adventure. And leave it to the experts because we are constantly hosting the best bar crawls in Raleigh. Check out upcoming bar crawls in your neck of the woods to see for yourself!

Does Raleigh have a good bar scene?

So you might be searching and wondering if it’s really worth it to go out in Raleigh. Well that’s simple and the answer is definitely yes! That's like asking if a bear enjoys a good honey pot! Raleigh’s bar scene is as diverse as the playlists at a DJ's booth. From the laid-back vibes of a sports bar to the glamour of a rooftop lounge, this city checks all the boxes.

Does Raleigh NC have a nightlife?

Absolutely! Raleigh doesn't just have a nightlife; it is nightlife. Once the sun sets, the city transforms into a playground where the young and the restless come alive.

Is downtown Raleigh walkable?

You bet it is! It's as if the city was designed for bar crawls. You can easily strut (or stumble) from one spot to the next. Who needs Uber when you have legs and a city layout that’s more bar-friendly than a bottle opener?

Where is the best place for singles in Raleigh?

Searching for that special someone or just looking to mingle? Raleigh's got you covered. The best bars in Raleigh for singles are those buzzing places where you can chat up a storm without shouting over the music.

Is Raleigh a party town? Is tequila a party spirit?

Raleigh might not always get the spotlight like Vegas or Miami, but this city knows how to throw down a party that would make even the most seasoned night owls hoot with delight.

Check out the best bars in Raleigh

So, let's dive into the crème de la crème of Raleigh's bars:

Whiskey Rose

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but nothing compares to the whiskey here. This place is a haven for whiskey lovers. The vibe? As smooth as their single malts. Whiskey Rose definitely brings the party.


Take a trip down the rabbit hole into Raleigh’s infamous Wonderland Bar. It’s quirky, it’s unique, and it’s the perfect spot to snap that Instagram-worthy group photo. Their cocktails? Simply magical.


Alchemy is the place. Alchemy just screams fun. The confetti, the lights, the dance floor. It’s really one of our favorite spots in Raleigh. We’d like to say the magic happens here!


Halcyon is definitely an upscale lounge that can be transformed into the best after party Raleigh has ever seen during a bar crawl! For those who love dancing under the stars, Halcyon is one of the best rooftop bars in Raleigh. The view, the vibe, the crowd – it’s all here.


A bit of Southern charm mixed with a modern twist, Dogwood is where you’ll find both great drinks and great company. We love the outdoor space. It’s perfect if you want to play cornhole, beerpong, or other outdoor drinking games! We love Dogwood for a daytime bar crawl!

Milk Bar

Not your average bar. Milk Bar is innovative and lively, making it a top bar in Raleigh for those looking to try something different. They’re tagline is “Welcome to the bar that doesn’t serve Milk!” This bar is awesome and always a hoppin’ spot during a Bar Crawl LIVE! Bar crawl.


Cornerstone is sure one of a kind. They definitely serve em up strong here! This is where you go to chill. It's laid back, it's friendly, and it’s a cornerstone of Raleigh's bar scene.


End your night at Split. It’s the perfect place to recap the night's escapades over a nightcap.

Wrappin it up Raleigh

So, there you have it! The ultimate guide to a Raleigh bar crawl. Remember, it’s not just about the drinks; it’s about the experience. The stories you’ll tell, the friends you’ll make, and the memories you'll cherish (or struggle to remember) are what make these crawls legendary.

And hey, if you find yourself at Milk Bar trying to remember the name of that one place with the amazing rooftop view, just pull up this post. We’ve got you covered. Cheers to an epic night out in Raleigh! 🍻