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Mastering the Art of Ordering Drinks on a Bar Crawl

Have you ever been nervous to order a drink at a bar or not even known what to order? This blog is here to help you is not only here to help you learn more about mastering the art of ordering drinks at a bar but more importantly, ordering drinks on a bar crawl like a pro! Bar Crawl LIVE! are the experts in all things nightlife and are here here to help you step into a world of diverse nightclubs, bars, and pubs with confidence. This go-to bar crawl guide equips you with the know-how to order drinks like a pro, helping you navigate through terms like "call cocktails" and "well drinks." It's all about understanding bar lingo to make sure you get to enjoy your favorite drinks effortlessly. We can't wait for you to check out some of our upcoming Bar Crawls so that you can give it a try!

Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering Drinks on a Bar Crawl

Getting tickets to an upcoming bar crawl is a fantastic way to explore the vibrant nightlife in your city and try out different and trending drink offerings of any major city. However, for those new to the scene, knowing how to confidently order drinks at each bar can make the evening a whole lot better. This guide is dedicated to helping beginners navigate the nuances of ordering drinks during a bar crawl, ensuring a smooth, and most importantly, enjoyable adventure.

Understanding the Setting

Each bar on a each crawl has its own unique ambiance and vibe. From craft beer pubs like The Wild Rover in Boston to high-end nightclubs like The Ivy, your order might vary based on the setting.

A few tips to consider when you walk up to the bar...

Assess the Environment

Do a quick glance around the bar to get a feel for what others are ordering and the bar's specialties.

Consider the Bar's Theme

If it's a craft beer bar, try their best brews. At a cocktail lounge, opt for a signature mix. You wouldn't want to order a wine at a nightclub because it just calls for spills when dancing!

Ask Around

If you are shoulder to shoulder with someone also ordering. Check and see what they got. You might like their drink choice and maybe even spark a conversation or a future friendship.

Ask the Bartender

They can guide you based on your preferences. A phrase like, "I enjoy sweet flavors, what cocktail would you recommend?" can be helpful.

Go for the bars specials or themed drink specials

If the bar has a special or signature drink, it’s usually a crowd-pleaser.

Go for the basics

Drinks like Moscow Mules, Mojitos, or Cosmopolitans are great starters. You also can't go wrong with a pint of the bar's recommended beer.

Ask for Samples

Some bars offer tasting samples, especially for beers or wines.

Unpacking Bar Jargon

When you are up at the bar counter and ever wondered, what the heck is a call cocktail or a rail drink, heres the 411.

Well Drink

When people order the well liquor at a bar they are opting for the bars choice of liquor. This is usually the budget-friendly option made with the bar's standard spirits. If you wonder what the bar's well liquor is, you can always ask the bartender. Sometimes it can be a known brand and other times it could be a local distillery.

Rail Drink

A rail drink is essentially the same thing as a well drink. Bar's choice! Learn about well liquors, the standard options at many bars. Knowing the difference between these and premium brands, and how to ask for them, means enjoying your drinks without unexpected costs.

Call Cocktail

A call cocktail is essentially you "calling" your liquor. You order by naming your liquor and mixer, like "Jack and Coke." You are calling out you want Jack Daniels as your liquor of choice and not just a standard whiskey. When you order a call cocktail, it might be in the more expensive price range since you are not using the standard well/rail liquor that the bar offers.

House Special

This one can have a huge range but most of the time it is the bar's unique concoctions or their own branded liquor.

Deciding When to Specify Your Drink 🍹

If you would rather choose your favorite brands specifically ask the bartender for it – like "Tito's and tonic." If you're open to suggestions, ask the bartender for their recommendation.

The Smart Way to Order Drinks: Key Tips for Bar Crawls 🍸

Picture yourself with a gin and tonic in hand, but not just any gin and tonic – one with your preferred gin. Knowing when to specify your liquor choice can make a big difference in your drink experience. Whether you're aiming for adventure or familiarity, your choice influences your bar crawl experience.

Once you've decided on your drink, wait for the bartender's attention. You should make eye contact and smile; avoid waving or calling out. Don't be that guy. Speak Clearly and Concisely: Loud environments require clear communication. State your order with any specific preferences (like "no ice" or "less sweet"). Be Ready to Pay: Have your payment method ready to keep the line moving, especially important during a bar crawl.

Tipping Etiquette

After enjoying your drinks, tipping is your way to thank the bartender. Tipping is an essential part of bar culture. Generally, $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the total bill is standard in many places. Consider the Service: If the bartender provides exceptional service or a custom recommendation, a higher tip is a nice gesture. Whether it's 20% for complex drinks or a straightforward $1 per simple drink, tipping reflects your appreciation for the service.

Generally, $1-2 per drink or 15-20% of the total bill is standard in many places. Consider the Service: If the bartender provides exceptional service or a custom recommendation, a higher tip is a nice gesture. Whether it's 20% for complex drinks or a straightforward $1 per simple drink, tipping reflects your appreciation for the service.

Consider Service Quality: Think about the service and drink complexity when tipping. Communicating with the Bartender: Tips for a Smooth Interaction πŸ—¨οΈ In a busy bar, clear and respectful communication with the bartender is essential. This interaction helps ensure a pleasant experience.

Confident Ordering on Your Next Bar Crawl πŸ₯‚

Remember, the goal of a bar crawl isn't just about drinking; it's about experiencing different atmospheres, tasting various drinks, and enjoying the social aspect. Don't be afraid to ask questions, try new things, and most importantly, pace yourself to enjoy the entire experience responsibly.

Armed with these practical tips, you're now ready to tackle any bar crawl with confidence. Each bar presents an opportunity to try something new, learn a bit more about drinks, and enjoy the unique vibe it offers. So grab your friends, plan your route, and set off on an unforgettable journey through the best bars in town. Cheers to mastering the art of drink ordering on your next bar crawl! 🍹🍻πŸ₯‚ It's not too late to get tickets to our upcoming St. Patrick's Bar Crawl to try it out for yourself! See you there! Cheers!