Tacos N' Tequila Bar Crawl


16 N St
Participating hours:

Bar specials

Drink Specials

$5 Margarita

Tequila, Triple Sec, Sour Mix, Orange Juice, & Lime Juice

$5 Mai Tai Drink

Rum, Orange Curaçao, Fresh Lime Juice, & Amaretto

Shot Specials

$5 Soju Margarita Shot

Soju, Lime Juice, Orange Liqueur, Agave Syrup

$8 Soju Bomb

Soju & Beer

Food Specials

$4 Master Chang's Chicken Taco

Tempura battered chicken coated in a chili garlic sauce, sauteed bell pepper, and onion served on a white flour tortilla

$4 Bang Bang Cauliflower Taco

Tempura battered cauliflower glazed in a honey chili sauce, topped with scallions, and served on a white flour tortilla