Official St Patricks Day Bar Crawl

IVY Nightclub

1212 W 6th St
Participating hours:

Bar specials

Drink Specials

$6 Jameson Irish Coffe

Served Hot or Iced

Jameson, Bumbu Cream, & Hot Fresh Brewed Coffee.

$6 Well Mixed Drinks

Shot Specials

$5 Rise And Shine Shot

Jameson Cold Brew, Butterscotch, & A Chaser Of Orange Juice.

$5 Well Mixed Shots

Beer Specials

$4 Jameson Ginger and Lime (Can)

$3 Green Beer (Draft)

Bud Light

Food Specials

$10 Corned Beef Sandwich

$10 Irish Cheddar Bacon Mac And Cheese

$7 Ivy Fries

$7 Jalape├▒os Poppers

$8 Fried Mozzarella

$8 Chicken Tenders

$8 Chicken Wings