The Official St. Patrick's Bar Crawl 2020 Memorable Moments

The Luck of the Irish ☘️ was with Bar Crawl Live Fans for the Official St. Patrick's Bar Crawl of 2020. The shenanigans were nonstop, the green beer was overflowing, the shamrocks were shimmering, hand sanitizer was available on demand, and BCL Fans turned out for one of the best Crawls of the year. These events took place days before cities went on lockdown due to growing concerns surrounding COVID-19. While most of the nation and world was uncertain of how things would unfold in the months to follow, Bar Crawl Live Fans came together nonetheless for what turned out to be the last gathering of its kind for quite some time. Check out stories below from day of the event in two of our favorite cities

Philadelphia, PA:

While the entire event was a blast, there’s always something special about Voyeur. After all check-ins were finalized, staff took the opportunity to capitalize on social media content. In the process, we met a lot of people - including a few nurses who were enjoying themselves during the event. We captured some good footage and asked them if they’d like to tag themselves to be featured on our Instagram platform - they obliged; however, before they grabbed our staff member’s phone one of them busted out a small pack of sanitizing wipes and wiped his cell phone down we thought it was interesting that nurses were present during the pandemic - low and behold, their true (nurse) colors were revealed.

Detroit, MI:

A few days before the corona virus outbreak 🦠 at our Official St. Patrick’s Bar Crawl in Detroit our BCL fans really took the prevention measures to the next level. A BCL fan brought a giant bottle of hand sanitizer and was pumping it in everyone's hands on the dance floor, video was posted on Facebook.com/BarCrawlLive, on Twitter.com/BarCrawlLive and on our IG & Facebook stories!

Taking extra precautions before the COVID-19 Outbreak

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