The Official Halloween Bar Crawl 2020 Memorable Moments

2020, without a doubt, made history books. The Official Halloween Bar Crawl made it to a select few cities this year and even through the restrictions, capacity requirements, mask wearing 😷, social distancing, Bar Crawl Live Fans safely gathered, and together we could Be LIVE again. Recapping some of the most memorable moments below from The Official Halloween Bar Crawl of 2020 🎃.

Columbus, OH: 

Standing by the bar at BBR, there was a Bar Crawl Live fan dressed as Steve from Blues Clues 🐶. He was drawing pictures of drinks on a notepad, so people had a clue of what to buy him next. Never a bad idea to use a creative costume to your advantage and everyone was loving it! 👌

Cleveland, OH:

The infamous LED Halloween Face Masks

A Bar Crawl Live fan said the following to one of our team members at IVY: “How much for the masks? How much for the ticket? And how much for your number?" It was Halloween after all. Trick or treat? 🎃

Detroit, MI

You never know what to expect at a Bar Crawl Live event...A woman in her 80s was at Exodos and was absolutely hammered twerking on the dance floor and trying to buy our staff shots. She was the life of the Bar Crawl! This simply proves that you are never too old to Bar Crawl.

Raleigh, NC:

The line was out the door for Alchemy. Bar Crawl Life fans were patiently waiting in socially distanced groups wearing their masks and costumes. But through their masks you could still see laughs and smiling faces as everyone came in for the costume contest. Calling for the different categories as everyone proudly came up to the front of the stage. The best category had to be the sexy costumes. Not for the reason you think, but because of the hilarity that ensued. This one guy's costume was simple. Dad jeans, a t-shirt, a hat, and a thick sexy mustache. Apparently, that was all he needed to win as every time the cheers would roar for him to move onto the final round. As the final round went, the cheers seemingly got louder. Finally, he was declared the victor and was brought up to the stage, he said “I had no idea I was gonna win, I was just up here for the laughs, but apparently nothing is sexier than a man with a thick mustache.” As it goes with the costume contests at Bar Crawl Live. You never know what is going to happen or who is going to win. But we do know this, we are ALWAYS LIVE!!!

Winner of Sexiest Costume @ The Official Raleigh Halloween Bar Crawl

We may not be Dashin' Through The Bars in 2020, but get ready to unleash your inner spirit animal and throw on your favorite onesie in 2021. We are bringing in the New Year when Boozin' In Your Onesie Bar Crawl returns this January & February in select cities. Masks are required & social distancing enforced. Register now HERE.

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