Boozin’ In Your Onesie Bar Crawl - 2020 Memorable Moments

There's nothing better than being comfy and cozy when it's cold outside. 🦄 Every January, Bar Crawl Live fans release their inner animal and throw on their favorite onesie for the world's most comfortable Bar Crawl. Check out some of the craziest moments below from 2020's Boozin' In Your Onesie Bar Crawl.

Washington DC:

It was a cold day in DC, winds were strong, and the chill was real. But for Bar Crawl Live, the onesies were out, and the drinks were flowing 🍻 Halfway through the crawl BCL Fans were wrapping their onesies around their waists because it was hot. As we moved from one bar to the next, people all around the city were asking, “what the hell is going on?” as they saw the different themed onesies from Elmo and Cookie Monster to Wu Tang Clan. It was a blast! New friends were made, memories added to the IG. Another kick ass time in DC and you better believe we will be back and as usual, we are ALWAYS LIVE!!!


Overall everything was fun and smooth flowing, however things became a little extra spicy when one of the Bar Crawl Live fans insisted on taking selfies with the staff.

At Voyeur Nightclub, the security is particular about keeping people off of the stage that have the speakers mounted on them. However, the staff was so content with the turnout, they told security to give us a pass and we had a nice little 5-minute photo shoot between our staff and various crawl members on the stage. All of which ended up on the BCL Instagram page, as well as some of the crawl members’ Instagram pages


So apparently there was a sale at Target. By the end of the first bar It became apparent that there was a whole lotta luck in the air; you could almost taste it or maybe that’s just the booze-soaked belches of the 15 lucky Care Bears gallivanting around. They were everywhere. A whole heap of Care Bears, and not one wasn’t donning his/her green that evening because they were all lucky bears. Every. Single. One. Even with a valiant effort to gather them and about 15 min of running in circles to corral them we still only managed to get about half of the lucky Care Bears together for a snapshot ☘️. Upon questioning it turns out Target was to blame for The Who wore it best conundrum with a banging sale. What’re ya gonna do!  

Some of the lucky Care Bears from Cincinnati's Boozin' In Your Onesie Bar Crawl


Everyone’s LED wristbands began to light up, people hurried to finish their drinks as it was that time finally. All day everyone had been waiting for 6 o’clock. Asking, “when is the top?” “How long till the halftime party?” It was finally time. The parade of excited adults in their awesome onesies headed in a flock down the brick alleyway. Lined up ready to go as the doors finally opened. Everyone’s excitement as they grabbed all the light up LED gear. The DJ was already dropping 🔥 as they walked down the hall to the dance floor and stage. As the last few people went in, I could hear the party turned up as I entered the room. We didn’t need any lights; we brought the lights. As the glasses and foam sticks waved around the room, everyone danced and turned up!! This is what you get at Bar Crawl Live’s Halftime parties. The music, the drinks, the fun, new friends, and awesome themes. If you missed out Richmond, make sure you don’t miss out again. Cause we are always LIVE!!!

The Infamous Half-Time Party


Two Bar Crawl Live Fans were wearing the same onesie so James asked them for a picture for the IG and then asked who could hold the other better. The obvious guy raised his hand and James said to the other guy “okay, so you’ll hold him then, I want this to look as ridiculous as possible” so the first jumped into the other crawler’s arms, for a beautiful cradle pose.

Unexpectedly Matching Onesies in Cleveland

As always Bar Crawl Live fans turned out for the comfiest and coziest Boozin' In Your Onesie Bar Crawl. Be sure to like and follow our Facebook page for more photos and memorable moments from all of your favorite Bar Crawl Live events. We can't wait to Be LIVE with you again soon!

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